The Ki Retreat is a Holistic and Wellbeing centre, dedicated to looking after your mind, body and soul.

The Ki Retreat is a Holistic and Wellbeing centre, dedicated to looking after your mind, body and soul.
We have a whole host of treatments, classes & workshops.

From Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Gong Baths, family classes, crystals and so much more!
We have become a little community and there is something for everyone.

When energy blocks occur within our body, or in our Auric field, physical or emotional problems start to manifest themselves within our lives. Energy therapies help to bring the body back in to balance. Energy flows through the body via a network of meridians and chakras. When these become blocked, it disrupts the energy flow and reduces the body's ability to heal and function efficiently. Energy therapies heal, by dissolving these energy blocks, helping to remove trauma, or "stuck emotion" and re-balancing the subtle energy system. They detox the body and helps to kick start its natural healing process.

Shine Your Light

Start Date
16th November 2018, 12:39 pm

End Date
16th December 2018, 3:00 pm


Have you remembered who you really are? Do you want to stop pretending that you are someone else and start acting like the real you? Have you been pretending for so long that you are not sure you even can?

As we go through life we begin to learn that there are people out there who don't like the real us. Unfortunately, the way society is built means that it is hard to escape those people when we are at home, school and work with them each and every day. So rather than replace the people around us, we have to change ourselves in order to fit it. Eventually this becomes exhausting and for some people can even lead them into a depression.

At some stage in life, most of us realise who we really are on the inside, and we long to allow that side of ourselves out. It is the classic "mid life crisis" where people begin to show that side to themselves, and it is often very different from the person they have been pretending to be. It can happen at any age, 20 or 80, but at some point you have realised that the you everyone else sees is not the you you want to be anymore.

It can be a scary to think of becoming someone new. Of taking off the mask and letting everyone see the person you really are.

Shine Your Light is a 4 hour workshop which incorporates hypnotherapy with cognitive techniques to allow you to give the real you more freedom in your life. You are unique and special, the real you has so much to give and offer the world, and hiding them under a cloak of "fitting in" is stopping you from enjoying your time on this earth.

Life is too short to waste it pretending to be someone else. So join us at the workshop, and learn how to Shine Your Light.

£67 per person, please message Heal Your Heart Holistic Therapies to book your place ♥

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