The Ki Retreat is a Holistic and Wellbeing centre, dedicated to looking after your mind, body and soul.

The Ki Retreat is a Holistic and Wellbeing centre, dedicated to looking after your mind, body and soul.
We have a whole host of treatments, classes & workshops.

From Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Gong Baths, family classes, crystals and so much more!
We have become a little community and there is something for everyone.

When energy blocks occur within our body, or in our Auric field, physical or emotional problems start to manifest themselves within our lives. Energy therapies help to bring the body back in to balance. Energy flows through the body via a network of meridians and chakras. When these become blocked, it disrupts the energy flow and reduces the body's ability to heal and function efficiently. Energy therapies heal, by dissolving these energy blocks, helping to remove trauma, or "stuck emotion" and re-balancing the subtle energy system. They detox the body and helps to kick start its natural healing process.

Mindfulness for Modern Life workshop

Start Date
16th March 2019, 10:00 am

End Date
16th March 2019, 11:00 am


Learn how to adapt the ancient practice of Mindfulness - awareness, acceptance and compassion - for busy modern life. It's not just for yoga bunnies and kale smoothies drinkers! Everyone deserves to connect fully to their lives and live them as though they really matter, in the only moment we ever really get - this one.

Natalie will introduce (or remind if you're familiar) the principles and practice of Mindfulness, along with some meditaiton practice and group discussion. You will be given techniques that you can use off the meditation cushion and in normal life to help you feel more present and less stressed.

This session will be welcoming and informal, ideal for beginners or those needing a fresh perspective on mindfulness or meditation.

There will be tea! Mats and cushions will be provided, you might want to bring an extra cushion or blanket and maybe a notebook thought that's purely optional.

Any questions just get in touch.

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