We are a family run 'bricks and mortar' business based in Eccles, Manchester.

We are a family run 'bricks and mortar' business based in Eccles, Manchester.

You will find over 70 machines and overlockers in our showroom and all the best makes of machines, cabinets, a wide range of haberdashery and sewing patterns on our website. We run various workshops too!

Bamber Sewing Machines came into being back in 1946. Dad, Roy Bamber, came across a treadle sewing machine on top of a Salford bomb site when he was around 14. He scrambled to the top and dragged the machine down and hired a hand cart to take it home. There he repaired it and later sold it to a neighbour.

Alan & Steve, Roys two sons, joined him during the 1970’s & 80’s and they all worked together in their happy family business.


Start Date
25th May 2019, 2:00 pm

End Date
25th May 2019, 4:30 pm


Fed up of paying someone else to take up your clothes?

Based at Bamber Sewing Machines, you’ll find like-minded classmates; expert tutors and all the fabrics, trims, patterns and sewing tools you could wish for (plus sewing machines and overlockers for those wishing to invest heavier)!

Learn to sew two different types of hem (a ‘turn under’ and ‘invisible’), create darts and make your own alterations while saving money at the same time. Practise hems and altering lengths on a trouser leg and then learn how to alter the width of shirts, tops and dresses by adding darts (using a practise fabric to sew darts).

You’ll discover the secrets of how to take perfect measurements, use common and specialist machine stitches and pick up some tricks of the trade from our seasoned alterations professional Sam Moylan. Leave with the sewing techniques to alter and finish your existing wardrobe and any new additions!

As this is not a beginner’s workshop, you must have some experience on a sewing machine or have attended one of our Beginner sewing workshops.

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