We directly work with butchers, farmers, grocers...just like our mothers and granmothers used to.

We directly work with butchers, farmers, grocers...just like our mothers and granmothers used to.

​In our store you can find only the finest products of the italian tradition from north to south, region by region: the best Parmesan and ham from Parma, a great selection of Pecorino cheese from Sardinia, Tuscany, Campania and Lazio with all their different flavors, authentic coffee from Naples alleyways, cold pressed Extravirgin Olive Oil, exclusive fresh and dry pasta, the unique savor of Neapolitan and Sicilian tomatoes which, together with creamy and tasty Campana Buffalo Mozzarella, made Pizza the most famous treat in the world.

We are proud of our selection of wines too: in the cellar underneath in the shop we store rare pearls coming from Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily, Campania, Puglia.. an incredible and enjoyable world to find at The Green Truffle.

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Introduction to win production:

or the perfect fusion of food, wine and culture, there is simply nowhere like Italy. It’s no surprise that wine tours in Italy have grown tremendously in popularity. Beyond wine country there is so much more: the canals of Venice, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Roman Coliseum, the halls of the Vatican or sunny Mediterranean beaches. Every corner of Italy is steeped in history and rich in the treasures of the past, but alive with cutting edge style. A wine getaway in Italy means experiencing la dolce vita – the sweet life.

Win production:

Second in the world only to France, Italy has consistently been a world leader in wine production. Over its long history, modern Italy evolved from a loose collection of city-states. Today’s twenty wine regions line up with the political borders that grew out of the city-states of the past. Wine is made in all twenty regions and follows the European system of laws based on very specific geographical areas, grape varietals, aging requirements and other winemaking quality controls.

Wine is part of our tradition and we aim to offer only the finest wines personally selected from our trusted suppliers in different areas of Italy. Come to visit our Wine cellar downstairs to combine your meals with the very best flavour.


"We aim to share tradition and passion for food. Food is not just food. It's part of a culture and its roots. Our products are carefully selected from the origin".

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