Soda in Altrincham stocks a huge selection of vinyl records, comics, graphic novels and trading cards.

We have a huge vinyl record section with around 5000 records on display, everything from Hip Hop LP’s right down to Indie rock and 80’s pop!

We also have a massive comic section with a dedicated Marvel section, a dedicated DC section and a great Indy section too! We’re now stocking some of the latest titles from Bee and Puppycat to the latest Deadpool.

There is also a massive TCG Section with a huge selection of Pokemon, Yugioh and Magic the Gathering cards.

Customer Information

If you have any enquiries then please email us at info@wearesoda.co.uk


We have 6 main areas at Soda - Vinyl Records, Comic Books, TCG Card Gaming, Merchandise, Confectionery and Bubble Tea.

Contact Details

28 Stamford New Road
WA14 1E

Soda Email

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