Based in UK, at Fantox Ltd, we bring our diverse experience and exceptional expertise in the field of business consultancy services.

Since the inception of SR Enterprises, we have been offering great customer-oriented services to all our clients that have brought us respect and recognition. Unlike other business consultancy specialists, we focus on providing the best to all our clients, whilst keeping the principles and professionalism a priority.

At Fantox Business Consultants, we care about empowering business owners, sustainable development and making a difference. Having years of industry experience under our belt, our organization has evolved considerably in order to meet the changing needs, demands, and preferences of our esteemed clients. Our team of expert consultants strives to deliver exceptional and affordable business and management consultancy services for a wide range of audiences.

Our experience comes from the qualification and expertise of our prime owner, Mr. Chaudhary, who brings to the company 12 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Our primary focus and expertise is working with start- ups, young entrepreneurs, and established small to medium sized business, new investors/businessmen that have taken the opportunity presented by the current economic climate in the UK to set up business and offer employment opportunities to the locals in the area.

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Our Approach
High level of senior staff and partner involvement throughout
Highly-tailored, client-specific focus to each assignment
Clients and our staff working co-operatively in genuine teams
Professionally qualified and experienced staff offering a ‘hands-on’ approach
Sector knowledge enables us to specify, design and implement practical solutions.

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Start-up Business Services
Payroll Management Services & Advice
Workplace Auto Enrolment Services
Management Consultancy Services

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