A gym for women to grow in strength

Empowered Gyms is a womens only gym in Bromley

We believe in the perfect balance of cardiovascular fitness, strength training and flexibility. Our goal is to support you and help you take yourself further than you would dare to believe possible. We’ll work alongside you to improve whatever is important to you, whether that be strength, fitness, or health and lifestyle.

Update your gym program as part of your membership every 6 weeks - and we stay in touch with you so that you don’t lose motivation! Make structured progress and learn skills which will last a lifetime. We aren’t about “quick fixes” (although they happen sometimes too!). We’re about supporting your long-term lifestyle changes.

A gym for women to grow in strength

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Book in for a free, no-obligation consultation and see why it’s the right choice for you to make.

We're proud of the quality which we're able to offer as part of all of our memberships, based on your needs.
In all of our memberships, we support you with;

Personalised programs, which we update every 6 weeks. We listen to your needs, and collaborate with you to create the Perfect workout for your schedule, goals and requirements
Unlimited access to all of our 30-minute classes

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